Adding video to sales proposals only works if the videos are short and professional

YouTube logosMany sales professionals use video as a means of informing potential customers about their products and services. However, research shows that the vast majority of these videos do not get watched.

They are often too long, too boring and too clearly in the self-interests of the company. On top of this, you don’t have to go far to find examples of sales videos which are poorly produced, look like they have been done by amateurs and thereby put people off buying whatever is on offer.

There is another problem too. You cannot possibly explain everything you need to say in a short video. Whatever you are selling, your customers demand deep and detailed information. If you did that in a video it would be far too long and would lack engagement.

Even so, videos are highly useful. They are visual, they connect people emotionally to the salesperson who is presenting them and they allow people to get a quick understanding of what’s on offer. As such, though, videos do not help tie-up all the loose ends in the customer’s mind. That’s why you need text.

A great example of combining videos with text

PDF Report CoverHere’s an excellent example of combining videos with text to get the best of both worlds. You will see that there are several short videos provided by key account management expert, David Ventura. In addition to the highly professional videos, there isĀ an extensive amount of text explaining “The Keys to Key Account Management” from KAMGURU.

These two things work in combination. The short videos help potential clients connect emotionally to the salesperson. The text enables the reader to understand what is on offer and to see if it is the right thing for them.

This method of combining video with text is an excellent example of how to get the best out of video. Just having video on its own is not enough to communicate all the messages you need. But just having text on its own means that clients cannot connect with the individual salesperson on a personal basis. Putting the two elements together in one document means you get the best of both worlds.

How to combine video with text

The first step is to produce short, quality videos. The videos from David Ventura – who is a thought-provoking speaker – show they are well-scripted and rehearsed. They are shot in front of a “green screen” with background images and text overlaid in production. It all takes time, but your customers would expect no less.

Once you have your videos you can add them to your document in a variety of ways depending upon which program you are using. If you use Microsoft Word to create the document just go to the “Insert” menu and add a video from YouTube. If you then create a PDF from your Word document it will automatically add the relevant link for you.

If you already have a PDF document you can add video to it. Adobe Acrobat can do this directly – the instructions are here. But most other PDF creation programs can achieve the same thing.

An alternative method is to create images of your videos using screenshot software, then add those pictures to your document, linking them to wherever the video is stored online.

Adding video to your documents is simple, it enhances your communication and allows potential clients to connect with the salesperson on an individual basis. There’s a lot going for it…!

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