The Problems Your Sales Team Will Face If They Return To In Person Selling

Sometime soon the COVID restrictions will be lifted and sales people will be returning to their normal roles. But is it going to be a straightforward return to the “old ways”? In this episode of the Sales Chat Show, we discuss some of the problems that the return to in-person selling will produce.

Are You Failing To Learn The Golden Lessons By Becoming A Victim Of Not Invented Here Syndrome?

Many sales leaders, sales managers and sales directors set aside great ideas on improving sales because they suffer from the “Not Invented Here Syndrome”. They reject ideas that are not their own. In this episode of the Sales Chat Show, we debate how you can avoid rejecting external ideas which could improve your sales performance.

Lessons You Should Learn From The Worst Zoom Meeting Of All Time

A “parish council” meeting on Zoom in the UK descended into farce and became a “YouTube” viral video. It appeared on national and international news channels as an example of what not to do on Zoom. But there are lessons from this meeting for salespeople. In this episode of the Sales Chat Show, we uncover what you can learn from the worst Zoom meeting ever (that we know of…!).